Why Interior Designers should use Instagram

Your Instagram feed is more than just posting photos, it’s the first impression to your potential client or new follower. 


Instagram is the O.G. when it comes to the best platform to use to showcase your talent. It's the go-to app to build an audience of like minded people who appreciate design as well as to gain potential clients. No other platform (besides Pinterest) can have a “portfolio like album” showcasing your work as well as inspirational content to help build your brand. 

Instagram is powerful these days, if your business is not on Instagram, not active, not posting quality content and not engaging with their audience, your “business” will soon die. Sad to say but, if not keeping up with the times your business will most likely flop like “Radio Shack” and “Block Buster”. Don’t let the world evolve around you while your business doesn’t.

Now, the truth may hurt but it’s the truth. But don’t be scared, if you don’t have the time or knowledge for social media. That is why we are here, to take over posting for you daily/ weekly so you can focus ON your business vs IN your business.

Below is a checklist of reasons why Interior designers should consider being active on Instagram. 

  • Best platform to showcase your work in a “portfolio like album” 
  • It’s where your audience spend most of their down time (be where your clients hangout)
  • Proving to the world that your business is keeping up with the times, your clients want to follow your journey, let them, or else they will hire someone else that feeds their mind and soul. 
  • People use Instagram as a form of validation, someone will look up your business and if they don't find you, well, they will move on to the next designer who can “show up”
  • People use Instagram as the new form of searching google. Having a website is still important, but Instagram is more so these days. 
  • The best platform to brand 
  • Show off your talents to the world and have others repost your work
  • Gain clients 
  • Keeping up with where your audience spending their time
  • Being on the forefront of trends and keeping an eye on your competitors, keeping you on your feet, making you always motivated and inspired to bettering your business and growing.


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